Would You Wear an IKEA THONG!?

There are other clothes too -- but a thong is in there...

So the MetGala was last month, but if you think the hottest fashions are over — you are wrong my friend! Check out these dazzling bad boys — clothes made out of IKEA shopping bags (or the Frakta, as it is apparently called).

Recently Ikea released a high end, ultra expensive version of its world famous awful bag, and this inspired many of the people on the various social media websites to go the next step with it— creating a variety of IKEA merchandise they can wear on their bodies as the true mavens of fashion they always have been! True mavens! Yes yes!

Check some out below — there's a thong AND a face mask, so I know my office attire is all picked out. But what are your favorites? Is it the dress? The cap? The freaking sneaker? Check em all out and report back, and you can find more by exploring the #IkeaBag hashtag on Instagram! Here are a few favorites—


What do you think though? Let us know in the comments

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Would You Wear an IKEA THONG!?